Our Story

Four years ago, young Luca, a wiry fellow with an intense love for Pizza decided to cut himself loose and set foot out of Positano, Italy.

Well, he now makes pizza for a living, creating stories. He travels the globe in search of local flavours & amp ingredients for his cheese and generally lives life to the fullest.


We bring to you Luca and his experiments to create Incredible Cheese bases through Oven Story.

Breaking Loose
Chipotle Cheese (Mexico)

In 2015, when Luca was travelling to Mexico, extremely low on cash and in dire need of employment to be able to follow his calling to make the best Pizzas, Mr. Alejandro took him in. One evening, while Luca was preparing a meal for Mr. Alenjandro’s family & guests, he added crushed dried chipotle chillies to the cheese before spreading it on the pizza base. And Voila, Chipotle cheese was born.

Back in Positano, the locals loved smoked Mozzarella. It was a must have in every dish and was a common but respected ingredient in every household. Taking inspiration, Luca decided to keep one of his cheese classic and that my friend how El Classico Cheese was born

Twist To The Classic
El Classico (Italy)
Pit Stop
Peri Peri (Portugal)

While visiting Africa, Luca came across the most popular African Bird-Eye chilly and was inspired to re-create the popular Portuguese Peri Peri. Originally from Portugal, Peri peri as flavor is quite renowned and adding it to cheese gave it a different twist.

A bit of nutmeg, 2-3 cloves, a pinch of carom seeds, a stick of cinnamon, half a bulb garlic and some 10 odd dried condiments or ‘garam masala’ finely ground with ½ a cup of water is how Luca started off. Playing with some condiments, Luca was trying to create a local favorite flavor – Tandoori. He specially visited India to take a crack on this flavor and add it to his cheese.

Tandoori Cheese (India)